Pilates Connect Geelong

Geelong's Leading Mat Pilates Class Provider 

Pilates Connect Terms and Conditions

Acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability

By enrolling in classes with Pilates Connect I confirm that:

  • I understand that there are risks associated with undertaking any exercise program and it is impossible to predict the body’s exact response to exercise.
  • I am in good physical health and have not been advised by my health professional not to take part in a vigorous group exercise program.
  • I understand that injuries or conditions may be impacted as a result of the classes and I take full responsibility for this risk. I understand that group classes are for injury free people and are not rehabilitation classes.
  • I will let Pilates Connect know immediately if I have any current pain/injuries/conditions that may be impacted by the classes.
  • Pilates Connect shall not be liable for injuries suffered in respect to a) Pilates exercises performed outside of a supervised class, b) Pilates exercises performed other than in accordance with the instructions given by the instructor, c) Mishap or injury inflicted by other participants, d) Any injury sustained from personal inattentiveness.
  • I understand that classes may be physically demanding with risks of injury and I agree that I will not make any claims against Pilates Connect in regards to personal injury.

Cancellation Policy

I confirm my understanding of the cancellation policy including that:

  • I need to cancel 12 hours prior to my scheduled class to retain the credit. The credit will remain on my account until I am ready to schedule a class.
  • I need to use purchased credit before the expiry date.
  • Late cancellation/non-attendance will result in a loss of credit.
  • Fees I pay are non-refundable or transferable. It is at the discretion of Pilates Connect as to whether a refund will be granted.