Pilates Connect Geelong

Geelong's Leading Mat Pilates Class Provider 

Personalised Studio Classes

Personalised studio classes are taught 1 instructor:1 participant. The sessions use a range of props and Pilates equipment including a Wunda Chair, foam roller, fit ball and the Pilates Stick. All participants new to the studio will have an assessment is completed, a program is written, the Pilates principles are introduced and the initial exercises are taught. These classes are suitable for people with injuries, pre and post natal and for people who are after a more tailored workout. To get started contact us about times available and see prices


Classes can be booked by contacting us. Pay in cash at the class or by bank transfer at the end of the class via mobile banking.

Class level

All of the classes are suitable for beginners and experienced participants with modifications being provided to cater to the beginner and the more advanced participant. You don’t need to be fit or flexible to sign up. Work at your own level and see your body transform. If you have injuries it is best to contact us and discuss doing personalised classes. 

What to bring

Bring a water bottle and your own exercise mat. We have spare mats available if you want to borrow one to get started and we can explain the type of mat to get and where to purchase it fairly cheaply.


Cancel 24 hours prior to your scheduled class to avoid being charged.