Pilates Connect Geelong

Geelong's Leading Mat Pilates Class Provider 

Who We Are

Classes are organised and run by Marissa who has  been practising Pilates since 2004, teaching Pilates since 2011 and is passionate about the benefits it has to offer. Qualifications include a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement). 

She started Pilates to manage a back condition and also uses it for core strength, mindfulness, stretching, toning and for the natural buzz exercise gives you!

Why Us?

We offer group mat Pilates classes and Movement Challenges for those wanting toning, stretching and strengthening. For those wanting a more personalised program studio classes are a great option. 

You will be lead through a workout that will leave you feeling fantastic! The classes focus on a whole body workout with modification options being provided for various levels of fitness and ability. All programs provide great opportunities for progression and achievement.